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This is about honor; Angel is a member of their gang.

Ransom Center GALLERIES I SEPTEMBER 7, 2007 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 5 PAGE TWO Wild and Delirious A columnist's lament, by way of some favorite cultural touchstones BY LOUIS BLACK Years back, I was lucky enough to spend time hanging out with the king of softcore filmmaking, Russ Meyer ( Faster ; Pussycat ! Meyer would talk about anything, in detail, whether you asked or not - includ- ing his sex life and his thoughts on the dif- ferent women he had known (unfortunately, it frequently included elaboration on exactly how he had known them, as well).When Meyer talked about folks he had worked with, there was a crucial way in which they were valued.Talking about a cinematographer he had worked with only once, he basically dismissed their entire rela- tionship by saying, “He didn’t get my joke.” Praising someone he had worked with for years, almost proudly, Meyer noted, “He got the joke.” The joke, of course, isn’t a simple knock- knock joke nor a comedian’s routine.While supplies last private Events Catering Plenty Of Parking HAPPY HOUR MON-FRI 4 - 7 FM ^[WLiai Hunt M#fiu | SI .SO &«r i Mo-Tlimrt Siltrrrrfii) jtrwfw So Co 272 ft j Calle 6 Cuban Restaurant & Bar VAt U mutt tkt 1 Watch fhel Same with us this Saturday!

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