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Children as young as eight are being blackmailed into performing sexual acts on webcams by abusers in increasing numbers, research by the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (Ceop) shows.In a report published today, Ceop says it has uncovered a number of children self harming or, in one case, taking their own life as a result.She gave me a Western Union address to send to her, and it was Ivory Coast, Africa. They ended up deleting all the messages, and nothing ended up happening.I phoned my best friend, and he was like, “Just talk to your family and tell them not to open up any videos that are sent. But I phoned my dad and was telling him and my uncle not to open anything. I’ve seen my uncle since then and the whole family, and they haven’t said anything about it. I don’t know if I just got lucky, or maybe they felt bad for me because I was playing that pouty story. No, because I just knew that if they’re out of the country, there’s nothing they can do about it.I couldn’t imagine if it happened to guys who were married or had kids—that’s when they probably pay. He just deleted his Facebook, and it kind of went away.How do you feel about it now that a bit of time has passed and you have heard about it happening to other people? It scared the shit out of me when it first happened.She said, “Show me your ass” too, which I thought was kind of weird.

They hide behind a screen, and in many cases make hollow threats which they know they will never act on because by sharing these images it will only bring the police closer to them.Taylor Cooper, a 26-year-old pipeline worker from British Columbia who asked VICE to use his real name in case other victims want to reach out to him, became one victim of this widespread scam in August. bookworm-y type girl” using the name Kelsey Smith who appeared to be in her early 20s and had no mutual friends with him added him on Facebook, began a private messenger string with him, then convinced him to get on Skype with her.After he got naked on webcam with her, the person he was talking to tried to extort him for over a grand by posting a recording of their Skype session on You Tube and threatening to leak it to his family. Taylor Cooper: Literally she added me, and then a week later she messaged me and it was just all in one go.According to figures from police forces in the UK and abroad, 424 children have been victims of online sexual blackmail in some form in the last two years - 184 in the UK.Ceop says research shows that of those victims, seven children seriously harmed themselves - including six from the UK, one of whom took their life.

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