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Although they started off on a wrong foot, Yu Xi as frustrated as she can get from time to time, also had a soft heart.So through her patience, she took great care of Zhan Cheng while slowly bring him back to the lovely Zhan Cheng whom everyone misses. When the opportunity came, Yu Xi though her own gentle way, managed to convince Zhan Cheng to do the corneal transplant.Sweet and thoughtful as ever, Yu Xi learned Tango to enable Zhan Cheng dance with his mother through his blindness. Ya Ti whom received Luo Han’s heart began to exhibit many of Luo Han’s mannerisms and personality. Zhan Cheng, although realized that Luo Han’s heart is in Ya Ti, however his heart never sway from his love to Yu Xi.Yu Xi, whom had always put anyone ahead of her, eventually chooses to leave Zhan Cheng. Zhan Cheng whom realized the reason why Yu Xi wanted to break up with him, never gave in to the request to break up.When an advertising CEO tries to protect her late brothers failing company, she unexpectedly meets and falls for a kind stranger whilst battling the evil CEO opposing her. See full summary » On a stormy night, Chiyomi has an argument with her parents and runs out of the house. Murphy's Law states "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Kuan Hsiao-Tung (Chia-ying Lee) is known as the "love guru" of the Meet and ...

I have been watching from C-Drama to K-Drama and now T-Drama.

When Zhan Cheng’s family first met Yu Xi, they were shocked to see how much she look like the deceased Luo Han. Of course, in any taiwanese drama, there would never be a smooth romance story.

However, the family slowly warmed up to Yu Xi when they see how well she took care of Zhan Cheng. Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi become friends with Xu Ya Ti (starring Nita Lei – 雷瑟琳) whom is one of the receiver of Luo Han’s organ donation.

And so the wedding happen when Yu Xi is still in comatose stage.

And Zhan Cheng brought her home to take care of her personally.

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