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As this is a plan for the future of London, there are also some future references – tunnel portals for the proposed Crossrail 2, for example.We really like the colour palette – yellow, cream, brown and green predominate.

Some places beyond the bounds of the map are included as little adornments attached to the map, which is in the style of a pinboard.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. The map was published in October last year but we just spotted it now, and we like it! There’s lots of nice details in it – for example, the “Sherry Ferry” that appears in the Thames, heading towards Canary Wharf, is a reference to a ferry that used to go between two of the Camino bars in London.The decorative style brings to mind an older time – perhaps the 1920s, when decorative maps were popular and the Beck tube map had not yet appeared – or perhaps even a map from the 1800s.Despite this, it was likely a good map to navigate by, as it includes most of the street network, and doesn’t distort the geography.

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