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The Clampetts bring a moral, unsophisticated, and minimalistic lifestyle to the swanky, sometimes self-obsessed and superficial community.

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Short-fused and easily angered, Granny fancies herself a Baptist ("dunked, not sprinkled") Christian with forgiveness in her heart. In lieu of conventional anesthesia, Granny uses her "white lightning" brew before commencing on painful treatments such as leech bleeding and yanking teeth with pliers.Short and scrappy, Granny often wields a double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun and fires it numerous times during the run of the show (in a first-season episode, she chases Milburn Drysdale with it when she finds out his mother's family had a feud with her family back in the hills).She fires it once at the front lawn when Jed is witching for water and several times on the skeet-shooting range.Plots often involve the outlandish efforts Drysdale makes to keep the Clampetts' money in his bank.The family's periodic attempts to return to the mountains are often prompted by Granny's perceiving a slight from one of the "city folk".

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