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"I found myself in situations that I normally wouldn't have ever put myself into, and that scared me," he says. It was dangerous."In 2005, like many young Mormons seeking like-minded friends, Allen moved to Provo (his day job: masseur) and the 21-year-old Glenn followed, looking for a fresh start.Telling a pool-hall owner they were the band scheduled to play that night, Glenn landed the group its first show, and Neon Trees became part of the small but active Provo music scene; bassist Branden Campbell and drummer Elaine Bradley joined soon after. of the Killers from high school, which opened the door to an opening slot with the Las Vegas band.

Listen to Neon Trees' "Sleeping With a Friend"Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees gleams like a fluorescent highlighter as he emerges from the city's largest rock venue, Velour, wearing a long green coat that's the color and texture of a tennis ball, plus a Freddie Mercury T-shirt and leather pants.

More breaks followed, including a major-label deal, then their 2010 debut .

As his band grew, Glenn's torment about his sexuality – whether he'd make it public, or bottle it up for eternity – started to take its toll.

He strides a few doors down to the city's other club, Muse, to check out a rapper in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get-up called Atheist.

All evening, Glenn can't make it more than 10 paces without someone, usually a giggling, polite, teenage blonde, asking for a photo. Neon Trees are the city's biggest export, a New Wave-pop powerhouse with two double-platinum singles, a Buick commercial and a couple of big "I wonder how he'll feel in about a month," Glenn muses when we clear the throng.

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