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Other features include a victim IP tracker, a keylogger, a clipboard manager, the ability to list installed programs, a hosts file editor, an OS startup management feature, a password dumper, and the ability to access the user's webcam.

It usually takes about a year for malware coders to put out a fully functional feature-packed RAT.

Need for Speed: Payback might have had a chance to change that, had Ghost and EA not hobbled it with a progression system that’s, at best, unwieldy and counterproductive and, at worst, a cynical bid for extra cash.

While my worst fears about the game haven’t quite been realised, Need for Speed seems hell-bent on antagonising and boring its players when it could be letting them have fun.

If the author has enough time to develop Revenge, the RAT will catch up to its competition.

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At the time of its release, only one of the 54 scanners on Virus Total detected the new RAT.

This raised a question mark with the researchers, who couldn't explain why Virus Total scanners couldn't pick it up as a threat right away.

Revenge, which was written in Visual Basic, also didn't feature too many working features, compared to similar RATs.

If you require assistance, please contact customer support.

An Arabic-speaking malware coder using the name Napoleon has released a new RAT (Remote Access Trojan/Tool) called Revenge, which he's distributing for free via underground hacking forums.

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