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Veronica has had enough of their behavior and longs to return to her old life and her nerdy friends. A petition he has been circulating via Heather Duke, to get the band Big Fun to perform on campus was actually a mass suicide note. in the boiler room below the gym during a school pep rally, where he is rigging timed explosives. Many actors and actresses turned down the project because of its dark subject matter. Eventually she was given the role with Christian Slater being signed shortly thereafter.

When a new student, a rebellious outsider named Jason "J. Most of the students had already signed, so the mass murder would appear to be a mass suicide instead. Heather Graham, then 17, was cast as Heather Mc Namara, but her mother wouldn't allow her to do the film so Lisanne Falk was given the role instead.

If there's one thing Winona has learned from her years of dating equally famous co-stars, then she volunteers: "You learn pretty quickly after your first bout as a public couple. And Crucible, the (1996) and Heathers (1989).""Maybe not a lot of people have seen them.

You learn to always leave separately, to go places separately, to live like a spy, to make plans like 'Meet you at 2pm by the rest room of the cineplex. ""I'm quite comfortable looking at myself in movies, probably because I've been doing it for so long, since I was a kid. And there are a couple of movies I've made, that I don't even realize I'm in them. I'm lucky in the sense that I can play really young and older.

In addition to Veronica, the popular clique consists of three wealthy and beautiful girls with the same first name: the leader, Heather Chandler (Walker); the bookish bulimic Heather Duke (Doherty), and the weak-willed cheerleader Heather Mc Namara (Falk). Several days later, Kurt and Ram spread a rumor about Veronica giving them oral sex, ruining her reputation. JD shoots Ram but Veronica misses Kurt, who runs away. Heather Mc Namara calls a popular radio show one night while Veronica and Heather Duke are listening and talks of depression in her life; the next day, Heather Duke tells the entire school about Heather Mc Namara's radio call; Mc Namara attempts to take her life by overdosing on pills in the girls' bathroom but is saved by Veronica. He climbs into her room with a revolver to kill her, but Veronica has used a harness to make it look like she has hanged herself. Daniel Waters wanted his screenplay to go to director Stanley Kubrick, not only out of profound admiration for Kubrick but also from a perception that "Kubrick was the only person that could get away with a three-hour film". but the filmmakers rejected him because they thought he came across as "too nice" and therefore would not be credible.

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I worked with Christina Ricci; her first movie was Mermaids (1990). There's this couple of years where you have to kind of get by, and it's hard. I'm still excited when I go to movies and I have a great life outside the movie industry.

Desson Thomson of the Washington Post wrote, "Wickedly funny.

In fact, Heathers may be the nastiest, cruelest fun you can have without actually having to study law or gird leather products.

2001) with ex-wife Ryan Haddon (Married between 20).

Heathers is a dark comedy directed by Michael Lehmann. The film brought director Michael Lehmann and producer Denise Di Novi the 1990 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

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