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“Earshot,” about a student who’s had it with being mocked and situates himself in the clock tower of the school with a rifle, was scheduled to air one week later, on April 27, and the WB thought it was simply too soon.

In the midst of people blaming Marilyn Manson and violent videogames and TV shows and movies for the shoot-em-up (rather than, you know, two disturbed individuals), it almost appeared as though the WB were saying, “YES, shows like this one can definitely lead to shooting up a school, so let’s pull it.” But I think, to be honest, it probably was too soon to show it, and Joss Whedon agreed with the decision.

In comparing the two Willows, the most interesting scene is when Willow impersonates her evil self and infiltrates the Bronze. Not only that, but considering the fact that Angel was actually just pretending to be Angelus in this scene suggests that he actually meant to hurt Buffy with some of those words.

Despite her initial attempt to seem set on the kill, Willow soon begins musing about how her mortal self is a weak pushover. He didn’t hold back, even though a slightly less harsh performance probably would have still put one over on Faith.

Near the end of the episode, Angel starts to correct Buffy's statement that vampires don't retain any of their original human personality traits, which can only get one thinking about just how many similarities there are between a person and their doppelgänger, a human and a human-turned-vampire.

For Willow, it originally does seem like her and her counterpart are complete opposites.

By having Willow disguised as Vamp Willow analyze Willow...well, it's confusing, but also rather brilliant. You're like a geyser of fun that goes off at regular intervals. Xander: Isn't that the dog that, that the guy had to shoot... But instead, he let Buffy know how he felt being sent to Hell, and he made sure he snogged Faith every chance he got, probably letting off some steam at seeing Buffy “moving on” at the beginning of the season after having sent him to Hell.

You can see that our girl is enjoying being in this more powerful role, but it's clear that she's nervous about it, too — her little wave at Oz perfectly shows her mixed emotions. He reassures Buffy at the end of the episode that he didn’t mean those things, but she’s caught a glimpse of the monster who terrorized her family and friends again, and has realized she’s been kidding herself if she thinks that monster will forever stay at bay.

There's a definite tease at some future Willow personality development with this episode — we're just going to have to wait and see how much of Vamp Willow's traits she decides to try to take on. That’s because on April 20, 1999, two students walked into Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and shot up their school (killing 12 students and a teacher) before killing themselves.

: A look at Willow and Vamp Willow in "Doppelgängland"Vamp Willow is back, so obviously, I am, too!

Last time around when I wrote about "The Wish", I mentioned my huge love for Willow's alternate self, but in this week's "Doppelgängland", things get even more interesting.

While Vamp Willow shows her strength outwardly with her vampiric abilities, our Willow later moves to showing her strength outwardly as well, just with the help of her witchy talents. I’d been getting a little tired of the morose, brooding, Tai Chi-practisin’ vamp and I wanted something with more bite.

In fact, by the time Willow goes completely off the deep end near the close of season 6, we see that her evil-ness has hit the same point as her vampiric counterpart: her last words to Warren before she kills him are Vamp Willow's trademark, "Bored now." And, just because I can't help but mention it, the line where Willow says that her doppelgänger is "kinda gay", is pure gold when you know that Willow herself will be, too, in just a little while. The scenes of not-Angelus prancing about are very important for the overall storyline, because not only is it fun to catch a glimpse of him again, but it confirms that Angel is very aware of Angelus’s actions when he’s trapped inside the demon body.

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