Black and white dating in london

This marked growing evidence of the black presence in the northern, eastern and southern areas of London.

There were also small numbers of free slaves and seaman from West Africa and South Asia.

Many of these people were forced into beggary due to the lack of jobs and racial discrimination.

There is evidence that black men and women were occasionally discriminated against when dealing with the law because of their skin colour.

During this era Lord Mansfield declared that a slave who fled from his master could not be taken by force or sold abroad, in the case of Somerset_v_Stewart.

This verdict fuelled the numbers of Blacks that escaped slavery, and helped send slavery into decline.

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These settlers suffered and faced many challenges as did many black people in London.The Blacks in London lived among the whites in areas of Mile End, Stepney, Paddington and St Giles.The majority of these people did not live as slaves, but as servants to wealthy whites.Britain was involved with the tri-continental slave trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas.Black slaves were attendants to sea captains and ex-colonial officials as well as traders, plantation owners and military personnel.

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