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He had contrived to capture souls and imprison them in human bodies through the process of conception.As Cathars put it, we are all divine sparks, even angels, imprisoned in tunics of flesh.Some Cathars regarded the stars as divine sparks, or souls, or angels, in heaven.The realm of the bad god was the material world in which we serve out our earthly terms.However, pursuing their fundamental beliefs to their logical conclusion revealed surprising implications (for example that Roman Catholics were mistakenly following a Satanic god rather than the beneficent god worshipped by the Cathars.) Like the earliest Christians, Cathars recognised no priesthood.They did however distinguish between ordinary believers (Credentes) and a smaller, inner circle of leaders initiated in secret knowledge, known at the time as boni homines, Bonneshommes or "Goodmen" , now generally referred to as the Elect or as Parfaits.According to later Cathar ideas, when we die the powers of the air throng around and persecute the newly released soul, which flees into the first lodging of clay that it finds. The soul would therefore be condemned to a cycle of rebirth, trapped in another physical body.

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Thus there was a part of the Good God trapped in all men and women, longing to rejoin its Maker." Waldensians Troubadours CATHAR INQUISITION Inquisition Inquisition documents CATHAR CASTLES Cathar Castles Cathar Castle Photos CATHAR ORIGINS Early Gnostic Dualism Manichaeans CATHAR LEGACY Geo-politics Historical Studies Popular Culture Catholic Inheritance Protestant Inheritance Cathar Vindications Do Cathars still exist ?CATHAR TOURS WHO's WHO The Catholic Side The "Cathar" Side Counts of Toulouse The Cross of Toulouse CATHAR TIMELINE Detailed Chronology MORE INFORMATION CATHAR TERMINOLOGY A Cathar Glossary Cathars clearly regarded themselves as good Christians, since that is exactly what they called themselves.The divine was characterised as light, opposed to the darkness.According to Plotinus, souls were illuminated by the divine light.

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